How does AWS help in business growth?

AWS provides business with the flexible public cloud infrastructure using the host services such as computing, storage, databases, email, servers, mobile development, analytics, and security.

It helps small businesses to run their applications. It relieves the company from cost of maintenance, monitoring the applications.

The reasons AWS is used in small business:

  1. It eliminates infrastructure costs.
  2. It provides the company the pathway to run their business from cloud.
  3. For the companies which hold strong ecommerce component, AWS provides simplicity and cost-effective solutions for online sales and retail.
  4. It provides with easy application hosting, cost effective data storage, low cost of data migration, robust solutions for mobility.

What is the market of AWS?

AWS is a vast growing market. It has almost 80% of the market share since 2018.

Is AWS useful in daily life?

AWS helps in vast of things in daily life as it has a large variety of products which can help you solve problems such as storage and backup. AWS and big data work together to help in infrastructure and power requirement for high end intelligent software.

It helps in gaming as we all know gaming takes a lot of internets and need a powered computer. AWS provides with the readily available gaming network for the gamers across the globe with the best online gaming experience.

How much does it cost to do AWS exam?

The training as well the exam will be costing 1400$ per course.

What are the native AWS Security logging capabilities?

The Aws security-logging capabilities are described through:

AWS CloudTrail: It provides the history of the API calls and facilities with the security analysis, tracking of the resource change, audit compliance. It delivers the log files to designated Amazon S3(simple storage service) bucket after every 5 minutes and provides with file log validation.

AWS Config:  It creates the inventory for the resources which includes the configuration history, change notifications, and relationship between the resources in AWS.


What is a DDoS attack, and what services can minimize them?

DoS is the denial of service. It is a malicious attempt that affects the availability of targeted system such as mostly the application and websites. DDOS is disturbed denial of service attack, the attacker uses multiple controllers to generate the attack. AWS Shield is used to manage the DDoS attacks that safeguards the applications that are running on AWS.


How do you set up a system to monitor website metrics in real-time in AWS?

AWS uses Amazon CloudWatch to monitor the website metrics. It provides with the data and insights to monitor the applications, responds to the performance of the system, optimising the utilization of resources.

It collects the operational data in the form of logs and metrics.


What are the AWS certifications?

AWS provides with the certification badges with 4 levels of experience such as:

  1. Professional: Professional with two years of experience of designing, operations.

The two badges under this are:

  • Solutions Architect and
  • DevOps Engineer.
  1. Associate: professional with one year of experience solving problems using the AWS Cloud.

The three badges under this are:

  • Solutions Architect,
  • SysOps Administrator and
  1. Foundational: Professional with six months of fundamental industry knowledge and the AWS cloud:

The badges under it are Cloud practitioner

  1. Specialty: For getting cloud experience for specialized domain:

There are badges under this to choose from such as:

  • Advanced Networking
  • Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Alexa Skill Builder
  • Data Analytics