Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is one of the most significant societal challenges as well as the only chance of survival. One global trend with significant implications for sustainable development is often referred to as the “IT revolution.” ICT plays a crucial role for initiating the sustainable development activities.  For instance, The impact of information systems and telecommunications has as  great  an  effect  on  environment  as  the  air  transport system. It is essential for us to look more widely on how we design, operate IT system for our regular usage. Additionally, planning is must while using the information systems to maximizes the efficiency of the system and without any major impact on environment by making IT projects more sustainable. It is vital to know how to dispose the IT tools wisely and safely or is it suitable for recycling or we can reuse it by doing some changes to it.

Innovation is a way of success for businesses in this information-oriented era. It is very difficult to imagine any business without digitization. In every field such as real estate, agriculture, science, financial industry, educational industry, IT is involved. We can say without IT, business is not going to be so far. We can see the impact of innovation on businesses. For instance, social networking is a cheaper way for marketing, online shopping attracts more customer as same way as digital marketing do., global sales get higher. Moreover, for systematic management, IT plays significant role to accelerate business growth by helping them in making better decisions.