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Laxmi Remittance


Laxmi Pay is a remittance company from where you can send and receive money from different parts of world. They needed a reliable, fast and secure mobile app to make the transactions. Laxmi Pay mobile app allowed their customer to make transactions easy. 


Classibazaar is an application where user can buy and sell product and even connect with each other. After its launch we have been getting positive feedback from the people and we have been actively listening to the reviews of the people and working on it to make the best out of it. It also has a custom real estate CRM integrated and is easy for real estate company as well. We have an authentication system which helps minimize any spam.


Project can take a long time to develop with continuous changes in scope and technology, therefore we used Agile methodology to cope with these changes. With continuous effort and dedication from the team, the application has been successfully launched and is one of the best in the market.

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